Meetings Information

General Information

Logistics & Support Services and Exhibitor Action Items provide general information about EDS, your space and a suggested timeline for making all of your arrangements.

Distributor Mailing List — Official EDS participants are able to access our distributor database to make promotional mailings. When you sign up for space you are provided with this web link.

Meeting Rooms & Suites

Meeting Room Request Form — A limited number of meeting rooms will be available during EDS for rep sales meetings and for distributor/rep events. Attached is a form for you to complete and return to reserve a meeting room before or after show hours. Once assigned, we ask that you fill out a meeting confirmation, which better captures your meeting needs. Are you unsure about what meeting set to request? You may want to reference these meeting setup diagrams for some direction. 

Suite Logistical Information and Reservation Form — If you have a hotel suite you will want to review the important logistical information found on this sample reservation form. We will send you a personalized form for you to complete and return to us. Therefore, this is for informational purposes only.

Forms and Downloads

Miscellaneous including:

  • Shipping
  • A/V Services
  • Food Services
  • Electrical
  • Other forms/downloads

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