Action Items

Things to do in December and January

  1. Make Hotel Reservations
  2. Make Airline Reservations
  3. Reserve Meeting Space For Pre-Show Sales Meetings
  4. Review Manual
  5. Finalize Theme; Begin Graphics Design
  6. Define Specific Sales Objectives
  7. Order Furnishings:
    a. Chairs
    b. Tables And Drapes
    c. Wastebaskets
    d. Other
  8. Order Utilities:
    a. Electrical
    b. Internet
    c. Other
  9. Order Services:
    a. Labor
    b. Floral
    c. Special Signage
    d. Security
    e. Cleaning
    f. Photography
    g. Models
  10. Develop Literature And Promotional Pieces
  11. Develop/Produce Audiovisuals And Order A/V Equipment
  12. Plan Publicity, Promotion And Advertising:
    a. Pre-Show And At-Show Publicity
    b. Show Directory And Daily
    c. Giveaways
    d. Show Special
  13. Plan Pre-Show Meeting:
    a. Set Speakers And Topics
    b. Finalize Time And Place

Things to do in February

  1. Develop, Produce And Distribute Pre-Eds Mailers
  2. Order Product, Demonstration Equipment And Other Special Elements Of Display Program
  3. Order Badges From Eds Office
  4. Plan Specific Eds Sales Strategy
  5. Develop Plan To Evaluate Performance
  6. Plan Representative/Distributor Entertainment
  7. Make And Confirm Appointments With Distributors And Reps
  8. Develop Publicity And Advertising:
    a. Show Directory And Daily
    b. Press Kit Plan
    c. Food And Beverage For Pre-Show And At-Show Meetings
  9. Order Materials That Will Ship to Hotel:
    a. Sales Literature
    b. Appointment Forms
    c. Giveaways
    d. Other

Things to do in March and April

  1. Finalize Staffing Schedule
  2. Finalize Publicity Material For Daily, Press Kit, Etc.
  3. Review All Logistics And Strategies:
    a. Objectives, Strategy And Design
    b. Products
    c. New Product Introductions
    d. Giveaways
    e. Staffing Schedules
    f. Transportation
    g. Required Arrival Times
    h. Entertainment Plans
  4. Mail Appointment And Promotion Reminders
  5. Ship Materials
  6. Send Package Of All Promotional Materials To Sales Representatives
  7. Re-Confirm Hotel Arrangements:
    a. Food And Beverage
    b. Rooms
    c. A/V And Other