First Time at EDS?

Welcome to EDS! We're pleased to have you as a participant, and the Board of Directors joins me in hoping that you achieve your goals at EDS.

Many companies come to EDS for the first time without realizing how different it is from other trade shows, both because it is more of a sell-through than a sell-to environment, and because of its emphasis on quality rather than quantity. There are relatively few companies in the concentrated target audience, and even if 100 percent of the invitees came, instead of our usual 85 percent (in itself a remarkable number in the trade show world), traffic would be spread out, with 200 distributor companies, and approximately 600 personnel, to be "shared" among 300 exhibiting companies. 

Because EDS is so different, you must plan for it differently than you would for other trade shows. To help you plan, we have put together an extensive orientation program and the details are included here.

Of course, the EDS management team is always available, and you'll find your EDS Exhibitor Manual, ECA Planning Guide and this website to be important resources. I urge you to avail yourself of all the help we're here to provide.

Again we are pleased to welcome you to EDS, and we look forward to meeting you personally in Las Vegas.

Gretchen Oie, Show Manager

First Timers Resources

Getting Ready

The ECA Planning Guide and Supplement is available online. We urge you to study this material so you come to EDS prepared to answer the kinds of questions the people you meet with will ask, and to do the legwork that assures you will have enough meetings.

Targeted Communications to the kind of people you would like to meet with in Las Vegas. To assist in the appointment-making process, we offer a couple of tools. Registered Manufacturers are provided with a code to download the list of Distributors and Reps for targeted marketing campaigns. You can also access the list and email directly from the web site.

Logistical Arrangements for EDS are located on the web site in the exhibitor manual section. You will find the details for shipping, space requirements, signage, electrical, and much, much more. Please review all of the materials carefully included in this section. For planning purposes, 2016 materials are posted.