Expert Advice

EDS prides itself on the many services it provides to its constituencies to make their participation as easy and productive as possible.

Whether you are a manufacturer/supplier, a distributor, or a manufacturers' representatives, you'll get value from the Planning Guide developed by ECA. Created with the financial support of the Electronic Distribution Show Corporation, the guide is specifically geared towards helping you structure better meetings at EDS.

More expert advice on making the most of EDS is available from your peers and colleagues who serve on the EDS Board, the professionals on the show staff and the Sponsoring Associations. Call or email any of these expert advisors for more information.

General Show Info - hotel suites, meeting rooms, exhibits, registration, logistics, etc.

Gretchen A. Oie, Show Manager
(phone) 312 648-1140
Rep Activities - ERA
Walter Tobin, Electronics Representatives Association
(phone) 312 419-1432

Distributor and Manufacturer Activities - ECIA
Robin B. Gray, Jr., Electronic Components Industry Association
(phone) 678 393-9990

Manufacturer Directors

Fred Bell, Molex
(phone) 630 813-4551

Greg Pace, Ohmite
(phone) 847 258-0331

Kris Whitehouse, Omron Electronic Components
(phone) 847 755-7867

Tom Wichert, TDK-Lambda Americas
(phone) 631 967-3001

Distributor Directors

James Banovich, Marsh Electronics
(phone) 414 771-2847

Chris Wadsworth, Carlton Bates
(phone) 501 235-5243

John Drabik, Arrow Electronics
(phone) 303 824-4555

Todd McAtee, Mouser Electronics
(phone) 817 804-3880

Rep Directors

Robert Logan, Kruvand Associates Inc.
(phone) 585 924-1844

Dave Norris, Norris & Associates
(phone) 508 820-0800

John O'Brien, Coakley, Boyd and Abbet
(phone) 508 820-0800

Mike Swenson, Mel Foster Company
(phone) 952 941-9790