How to get the most out of EDS

So you're coming to EDS, the premier electronics distribution event of the year. We're happy you've made the decision. Now, there are a few things that everyone should know prior to coming to Las Vegas. EDS is a unique event that requires a focused approach and we’ve developed several options to maximize the experience.

The Place to Start

Best Practices

First and foremost, EDS is the one place for you to affirm current business relationships and establish new ones. Find out who's coming and then set appointments.

Who's Coming






Business meetings are the heart of EDS. Most meetings are set in advance. Search the EDS Participating Companies roster to request a meeting

Meeting Request

Finding business partnerships and/or reviewing business strategies with current partners are the focus for EDS meetings. Search the Participating Company Roster for matchmaking opportunities, or list your own requirements.

EDS 2014 Matchmaking

You may have been contacted by a member of the Culinary Union in Las Vegas regarding a labor dispute between the Union and the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  This is not a dispute between EDS and the Union.

The hotel has assured us that there will be no disruption to the quality of services as a result of ongoing labor negotiations.  The highest priority will continue to be the comfort and hospitality of EDS participants.  We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in May.